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Getting a “Real Deal” on a Hot Tub

Have you ever wondered about the range of prices for hot tubs? How do you calculate the value of a Sundance® brand hot tub vs. that of another manufacturer? 

I recently happened to catch a segment on the Today show about following up on New Year’s resolutions. One of the top things people resolve to do is save money. That led to a discussion about weighing what something costs vs. its value. Their conclusion was that in the long run, you may spend more by “going cheap” in the first place. 

The Today show hosts discussed possible outcomes that can result if you going with a less expensive product: • The product doesn’t perform as well as you would expect it to, so you experience disappointment instead of enjoyment. • The product is not well made and either kicks the bucket or requires expensive repair fees. Save yourself buyer’s remorse and take the time to compare a big purchase on factors other than cost. This is so true in buying a hot tub. If it doesn’t deliver the hydromassage power you expect, have the features you enjoy or the options you need, you are less likely to use it. 

Take the time to weigh the price of a product against its value, especially if the item is a big investment, like a hot tub. A “cheap” spa may cost more in repairs and add-ons. Poor quality often goes with very low prices, and vice versa. How frustrating would it be to look forward to a nice soak in your hot tub at the end of the day, only to discover that it isn’t working properly, again? Getting a quality spa relative to your investment will add more value to your enjoyment of the hot tub for years to come. 

Sundance Spas has earned a reputation for maintaining high manufacturing standards that can be counted on in manufacturing reliable, high-performance products, with the stylish features and options more people want. 

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Where do you start when comparing cost vs. value in a hot tub? Compare features and then compare prices. If you really want a lounge seat, but that model costs a bit more, calculate what the lounge seat is worth to you in terms of therapy and relaxation – hard to put a price on feeling better in mind, body and spirit. Also, take time to make sure that your new hot tub includes a comprehensive warranty and has a dealer service department with a sound reputation. A Sundance Spas warranty is backed by more than 30 years of superior quality and service.

Start your hot tub comparison now. Get a hot tub quote on the Sundance Spas model that fits your needs and your budget.