We'll get you into hot water and you'll love it


The Hot Tup Express rental program is here.

With a Spa for your every needs for the individual intimate spa  experience all the way up to the large party we have the right spa for you.

From the first moment that the Hot Tub Express steams into Your Backyard, you’ll love it!

Our Hot Tub Rentals are great for bringing together family and friends, for celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and a host of other special occasions.

Tired of having all your guests congregate in the kitchen? Try a spa rental, it’s sure to mix things up a little. Thunder Bay clients report time and time again that… 

“A hot tub from Hot Tub Express gives a party that little something extra to turn a good time into a long lasting memory!”

Hot Tub Rentals usually start around $399.99 for a Friday-to-Monday Rental. Full-week rentals from 449.99 We take the call from you on our toll-free line (1-866-623-5995) and deliver your spa rental at your requested time and place. Payment is conveniently taken over the phone by credit card at booking. We do ask that you be there when we drop off your tub so that we can provide operating instructions and leave the care and maintenance supplies.

When you add our hot fill service your hot tub arrives hot! No waiting with our system of shipping the water hot from the store, you’re always guaranteed the perfect temperature, at the perfect time, for a perfect backyard vacation!

Worried about how to use the spa?

Don’t be! We leave you a helpful hint sheet which illustrates in detail the operation, care and maintenance of your spa. In addition, our technicians are equipped with cellular phones while you have the hot tub just in case you have questions, problems or concerns. We are always just a call away!

Thinking of Renting a Hot Tub for your next hot tub party in Thunder Bay? Check out these very reasonable prices:

Large $399.99

Comes with Hot Fill



Barrier-free seating makes it easy to move from seat to seat in the Denali spa. With enough room for four adults, it’s easy to share the fun, and the powerful foot dome in this round spa makes tired feet a thing of the past.


As our best-selling lounge model, the Cameo® spa seats up to six adults, offering the perfect variety of seat heights formed to fit diverse body types.