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SUNPURITY™ PLUS Water Enhancer

SUNPURITY™ PLUS Water Enhancer is an effective formula that works hard to help keep your spa water clean and balanced longer. Use in conjunction with your current water management system for clean, clear water.

  • Simplifies water care
  • Compatible with popular sanitizers and SunPurity™ Minerals
  • Improves CLEARRAY® system performance
  • Enhances equipment efficiency by targeting scale and scum line formation

How to use:

Spa fragrances heighten the senses

Aromatherapy has been used for centuries, after people discovered that the oils of plants, or plants mixed with oils, could combine to create therapeutic aromas and muscle relaxants. We now know that scents can trigger memories, influence moods and sharpen the mind. Sundance Spas was the first manufacturer to combine true aroma with hydrotherapy in SunScents™ spa aromatherapy. Continue reading


A spa purifier means cleaner water with fewer chemicals and less maintenance.

You don’t have to worry about always having clear, fresh water for your after-work soaks, family gatherings, and backyard parties with our CLEARRAY™ Water Purification System. Standard on our Sundance® hot tubs and spas (2012 or newer), this water treatment system sets the bar for purification throughout the industry. Continue reading

It’s how good they feel

Experience luxurious, restful, tension-relieving relaxation from any seat in one of our best-selling home spas. Our hot tub seats are designed with our signature Sundance® Spas attention to function and innovation, crafted to deliver ergonomic support while you soak. Continue reading

Cloud Control

The Sundance® SunSmart® Cloud Control includes an app for your smart phone that provides access to your spa via WiFi connection from anywhere. You can be inside your house, at work, or even on vacation and still have access to your Sundance® spa. With the SunSmart® app, you can be certain that your spa will be ready when you want. Continue reading

Getting a “Real Deal” on a Hot Tub

Have you ever wondered about the range of prices for hot tubs? How do you calculate the value of a Sundance® brand hot tub vs. that of another manufacturer? 

I recently happened to catch a segment on the Today show about following up on New Year’s resolutions. One of the top things people resolve to do is save money. Continue reading

Back Pain? Hot Tub Hydrotherapy Works


Source: Sundance Spas

A close friend of mine suffers from chronic back pain. He does the exercises recommended by his doctor (sometimes) and uses medication to relieve the pain when it gets bad. I was talking to him at a barbeque recently, and mentioned that a hot tub hydro-massage could help. Continue reading