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Back Pain? Hot Tub Hydrotherapy Works


Source: Sundance Spas

A close friend of mine suffers from chronic back pain. He does the exercises recommended by his doctor (sometimes) and uses medication to relieve the pain when it gets bad. I was talking to him at a barbeque recently, and mentioned that a hot tub hydro-massage could help. “I know it feels good,” he said, “but does it work?” 

Well, hydrotherapy does work, by doing a lot more than just making your back feel better during a warm-water therapy session. Hydrotherapy – the combination of heat, buoyancy and massage – relieves lower pain by triggering positive effects on the body. The best hot tubs, like our Sundance Spas models, deliver an effective combination of the key components of hydrotherapy:

Heat helps to open blood vessels to improve circulation and loosen muscle tension, both of which reduce pain.

Buoyancy lifts the weight of the body, providing relief for sore muscles and joints, and improving the ability to move around.

Massage eases inflammation, reduces muscle tightness and increase blood flow. According to a study covered in the New York Times, experiments showed that massage reduced the production of cytokines (they cause inflammation) and stimulated the process of cell function and repair.

To relieve back pain in a hot tub, it is essential for the body to be positioned comfortably in the seat. This is where Sundance Spas stands above the rest: our seats are engineered to fit people of different heights and builds. Every seat delivers a variety of hydro-massage types and intensities while supporting the body. The best hot tubs are sure to have seats designed for back pain, from low back pain to neck pain.

For more information about hydrotherapy and back pain, visit our local Sundance Spas showroom. You can sit in the showroom models, and find the one that will really “work” on relieving your back pain.