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A spa purifier means cleaner water with fewer chemicals and less maintenance.

You don’t have to worry about always having clear, fresh water for your after-work soaks, family gatherings, and backyard parties with our CLEARRAY™ Water Purification System. Standard on our Sundance® hot tubs and spas (2012 or newer), this water treatment system sets the bar for purification throughout the industry. In our laboratory and field tests, CLEARRAY™ was found to significantly reduce the amount of sanitizer needed while consistently delivering clean water and improved hot tub hygiene. Our system operates on UV-C technology, utilizing powerful light to destroy 99% of waterborne pathogens. That means no excessive chemicals, gases, or other by-products, which is good news for your skin and eyes. This type of sterilization process has proven effective for other industries (including hospitals, both industrial and municipal water treatment plants, pharmaceuticals, and bottling/beverage factories) where having the purest, most sanitized water possible is the highest priority.

CLEARRAY™ uses practical materials, like quartz and stainless steel, for lasting durability. Maintenance is easy, too, with only annual replacement required for the UV bulb. For a built-in solution to cleaning your water, the system delivers more than just purification. It also saves money while increasing the health benefits and safety of soaking in your hot